Traditional Reed Instruments are not frequently exposed in Museums. They can be found sometime in Museums for Ethnology, sometime in Musical Instrument Museums. The following list is a selection, based partially on a personal visit (but things may have changed since!) partially on information given on the homepage. Visitors with special interest should take personal information by E-mail with the Institutions prior to a visit.

Belgium, Brusselles, MIM, Musée des Instruments de Musique
France, La Couture Bousssey, Musée des Instruments à vent
Germany, Berlin, Ethnologisches Museum
Germany, München Museum für Völkerkunde
Germany, Universitätsmuseen und Sammlungen in Deutschland
Great Britain, London: Hornimannmuseum
Great Britain, Oxford Pit Rivers Museum
Greece, Athens, Info:
Holland, Amsterdam Tropenmuseum
Russia, Moskau
Russia, Petersburg
USA, Dakota, National musical Instrument Museum
USA, Phoenix, Arizona Musical Instrument Museum (MIM)
USA, Washington Library of Congress, Dyton C. Miller Flute Collection (Woodwinds)
Italy, Scapoli, Museo della Zampogna
Online: MIMO, Project for European Musical Instruments Museums online
France, Paris, Cité de la Musique, Midathèque